main events

In this event, we open recruitment of volunteers to all candidates who want to become adjudicators. Then, candidates will receive a presentation (Adjudicating Seminar and Debating Seminar) from Chief of Adjudicator and do a debate simulation (Debate Exhibiton) to give a clear description about the process of debate to measure their qualifications as judges.

This is the 12th debate competition held by HIMA ESP FEB Padjajaran University and also our main event. This year we will invite 44 teams from all undergraduate students in Indonesia with “Advance in The Independency of Indonesian Economy Through Small and Medium Entreprises” as our Grand Theme.

Gala Dinner is one of series of events organized to entertain the participants. In this event, we will also announce anyone who passes to the Quarter Final round. Gala dinner will be held at Bandung Giri Gahana Golf Resort and attended by all participants, adjudicators, and universities representatives.

Participant Target

44 teams from any university in Indonesia and 16  participants for adjudicator accreditation

All of the participants of PDC 2018 are fully satisfied with this event and also by presenting “Advance in The Independency of Indonesian Economy Through Small and Medium Entreprises” as our grand theme.



“PDC is one the most competitive debating competition in Indonesia. I was luck to be part of last year PDC and able to interact with various institutions and learn from diversed motions from an incredible A-Core. with an on-time, friendly, and proffessional committe, this year PDC is not going to dissapoint.”


Sandy Sanjaya (UGM) / 1st Winner of PDC 2017

“As one of the famous annual national debating competitions, PDC has proven its consistency in facilitating the competitive critical thinking joined by diverse varsities and organized by experienced professionals for years. I have joined PDC for three times, once as a judge and twice as a debater. I would definitely recommend PDC because in my experience, PDC never regrets me and each year it always comes with even a higher quality of competition.”

Aldila Irsyad (UGM) / Best Speaker of PDC 2017