International Student Conference on Asia-Africa Studies (ISCAAS) 2022 invites national and international undergraduate students of relevant disciplines to submit abstracts to be presented at the 7th ISCAAS International Conference. The Conference will be hosted by the Student Organization of Economics and Development Studies, Padjadjaran University, and will be held online, Saturday, November 19th, 2022.

All participants must register for the conference. The deadline by which presenting authors must be registered in order for their paper to be included in the program is 23 October 2022. There is no extended registration

Registration Fee Categories

(per team)

National (IDR)

International ($)



 Facilities :

1. Abstract review by Scientific Committee

2. Certificate

3. Discussion with competent speakers that related to sub theme of ISCAAS 2022


Payment will be notified by email only for those who made it to the call for paper round, the participants could make the payment by transferring to:

BNI          : 1422397942 a/n Wafa Lu’lu’ul Wafir Fuadah

BCA        : 0070748118 a/n Shela Ardhana

DANA       : 0895422244767 a/n Wafa Lu’lu’ul Wafir Fuadah

GOPAY   : 0877 7511 0370 a/n Shela Ardhana

Please send us your transfer receipt via e-mail with subject “Transfer Receipt – <4 digit Registration ID>”. You will obtain your Registration ID after do abstract submission.

You can download the Event Booklet of ISCAAS 2022 here


Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1.  Abstract must be submitted (and will be presented) in English with accurate grammar and spelling suitable for publication.
  2.  Abstract content must be in 250 – 350 words, all written submission should be typed in A4, Times New Roman 11pt, Line spacing: 1, one column of text.
  3.  Please write the author’s name, affiliation and email address below the abstract title with the font size of 12 pt, Upper case, Centered text in bold.

  4.  The space of the abstract title and the name of the authors are double line spaces and the space between author’s email address and the abstract is 1,5 lines.
  5.  Abstract should consist of background, data and methodology, potential contribution to knowledge, and keywords.
  6.  There is no abstract submission fee.
  7.  This conference is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in any recognized college.
  8.  Members of the team must come from the same university or college.
  9.  You may submit your works both individually or in groups (consists of a maximum of three members).
  10.  One individual is only permitted to register in one team (not allowed to register in a different team)
  11.  One team is only allowed to submit one abstract according to the chosen topics.
  12.  Abstract submitted must be original and have never been included or are currently being included in the competition.
  13.  You will receive information through email at least 1 x 24 hours after you submit the abstract.
  14.  Team members who later qualify for the paper competition are not allowed to change their team members.
  15.  Submitted abstract must be in PDF.
  16.  Submit your abstract through

Paper Submission Guidelines

1. Paper must be written in English.

2. Maximum length in 8000 words, excluding references and figures or appendices.

3. Paper submission should be:

a. Typed in A4,

b. Times New Roman 12 pt font,

c. 1,5 space,

d. Normal margin.

4. Structure of paper include

a. Title
    Consist of author’s name, university, email, abstract, and keyword. Abstract should be 250 to 350 words.

b. Introduction
    Explain background and objectives or goals of the study.

c. Literature Review

d. Data and Methodology

e. Result and Discussion

f. Recommendation (if necessary)

g. Conclusion (if necessary)

h. References
    The references should be organized according to the standard format of America Psychological Association (APA)

5. Paper submitted must be original and have never been included or are currently being included in the competition.

6. Team members participating in the paper competition must match those previously registered in the abstract round.

7. The submitted paper must have a plagiarism rate below 10% (use the Turnitin application)

8. Submitted paper must be in PDF

9. Paper should be submitted by email to with subject: 


10. Paper submission deadline: Monday, October 23, 2022, at 23.59 PM. Teams that exceed the specified submission deadline will be immediately eliminated.

Also, you can download the template of abstract & paper guidelines here:

Abstract & Paper Guidelines
Please Kindly Upload ISCAAS Twibbon on Your Instagram Account as Registration Requirement (Unprivate Account). You download the twibbon here:
Twibbon ISCAAS 2022