a. This competition is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in any recognized college or university.

b. Members of team must come from the same university or college.

c. Each team consists of 3 people.

d. Each university or college can send up to 4 team.

e. The same person can not compete in different teams.

f. All members of 1st winner last year, are not allowed to follow IMC 2017.

g. Once you have made payment to the committee, the registration fee can not be refunded.

h. The committee will only take responsibility for illness or any accident that may occur during the competition.

i. Participants are obliged to come no later than 15 minutes before each event starts.

j. Participants wear the dress code set by the committees.

k. Participants are obliged to participate in every event of the International Microeconomics Competition 2017.

l. The decisions of the judges are final.

m. Any acts of violating the rules will face severe consequences.