The 6th International Student Conference on Asia-Africa Studies (ISCAAS) is to provide a platform for undergraduate students from all over the world with a concern in Asia-Africa studies to submit the papers to be presented in this conference. It also brings a premier interdisciplinary platform for undergraduate students to discuss the latest innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the economy. 

ISCAAS 2021 will be held online on November 6th-7th 2021, under the theme ‚ÄúDiscovering the Ideas of Asia-Africa Post-Pandemic Resurgence”.


Discovering the Ideas of Asia-Africa Post-Pandemic Resurgence

The World Health Organization (WHO) stresses that it is “unrealistic” to expect the Covid-19 Pandemic to end this year. The plans that had been planned by the government from each country had to be pushed back indefinitely. Therefore, the situation of the post-Covid-19 pandemic which can be said “uncertain” is the main topic for this year’s ISCAAS theme.
Referring to the main theme of IESC 2021, which is “The Re-emergence of Global Economics: Divergent Strategies in The Midst of Vaccination Era”, ISCAAS choose “Discovering the Ideas of Asia-Africa Post-Pandemic Resurgence” as the theme for this year.

As we bring this topic as the main theme, we hope to find solutions or ideas for the recovery of the post-Covid-19 pandemic in Asia-Africa. ISCAAS is expected to be a forum for students to be able to provide their innovations and ideas so that through ISCAAS innovations can be found and that can help to generate the recovery from all countries in Asia-Africa after the Covid-19 pandemic ends.