The 5th International Student Conference On Asia-Africa Studies (ISCAAS) is to provide a platform for undergraduate student from all over the world with a concern in Asia-Africa studies to submit the papers to be presented in this conference. It also brings a premier interdisciplinary platform for undergraduate students to discuss the latest innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the economics. 
ISCAAS 2020 will be held online on November 7th 2020, under the theme “Reviving the Spirit in Facing Asian-African Post-Pandemic Challenges”.


Reviving the Spirit in Facing Asian-African Post-Pandemic Challenges

It cannot be denied that COVID-19 has impacted us in many negative ways. One thing that takes a big hit is the global economy, this can be seen from many economic projections that had been done by many institutions, one of which is the Economic Intelligence Unit that reduces their prediction of economic development percentages. East and Pacific Asia only have a projected of 0.5% growth, Sub Saharan Africa on the range of 2.7% – 2.9%, while Europe and the Middle East have a projection of 4.7%.

In the midst of many global issues that we face, we hope by bringing the theme “Reviving the Spirit in Facing Asian-African Post-Pandemic Challenges” we can always be hopeful for a better future, study it, also finding and giving sustainable solutions toward the many problems we have and bring the spirit to look forward.