International Student Conference on Asia Africa Studies (ISCAAS) 2022 aims to provide a platform for undergraduate students from all over the world with a concern in Asia-Africa problems to submit the papers to be presented in the conference. It also provides a platform for participants to discuss the latest phenomenon, challenges and concerns as well as the implementation and solutions.

ISCAAS 2022 will be held on November 18th until November 19th, 2022, under the grand theme “Establishing Transformation of Reinforcement Pillar in Asia-Africa, Is It Feasible?”


Establishing Transformation of Reinforcement Pillar in Asia-Africa, Is It Feasible?

Digital transformation changes many aspects of life, including the economic order. The integration of technological advances brings many advantages to the economic prosperity of developing countries so that they can continue to prosper their people. Sri Mulyani, Ministry of Finance of Indonesia also told how digitalization has succeeded in improving the economy in Africa and accelerating their income, “Financing for micro, ultra-micro businesses used to be heavy and labor incentives and required overhead costs. With the digital economy now in Africa it is very low.” Same thing also occurred in asian countries,Google, Temasek Holdings, and Bain & Company reports that the digital economy in Southeast Asia is expected to reach US$ 300 billion (Rp 4,251 trillion) by 2025 driven by developments in online shopping, food delivery and ride-hailing.

Referring to main theme of IESC 2022, which is “Digital Transformation” , ISCAAS choose “Establishing Transformation of Reinforcement Pillar in Asia-Africa, Is It Feasible?” As we bring this topic as the main theme, we hope to fulfill our objective to facilitate individuals who have the initiative in realizing resilience as a response action after the pandemic. ISCAAS is expected to be a forum for students to be able to provide their innovations and ideas so that through ISCAAS innovations can be found and that can help to generate the recovery ideas from all countries in Asia-Africa.